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Thurs-Sun 10-6


7782 Albany Post Rd

Red Hook, NY 12571

7782 Albany Post Rd

Red Hook, NY 12571

Thurs-Sun 10-6




Here at Sawkill Farm it is our mission to raise the healthiest and most sustainable meats possible for both our family and yours.

 100% Grass-fed & Finished Beef

We raise British White and Black Angus beef cattle, which graze in our pastures in the spring, summer & fall and are fed hay during the winter.  We never feed our cattle any grain.

100% Grass-fed & Finished Lamb

In order to raise our sheep for the dual purposes of both meet & fiber, we have a motley crew of many breeds that we have raised out over the years in order to find a combination that works best for us.  Currently on the farm you'll find Romney, Finn, Icelandic, Cormo, Gotland & Lincoln Longwool.

Woods Raised Pork

Each year we raise about 100 pigs on the farm.  They live in the back of the farm in a strip of woods along the creek, rooting and foraging around for anything and everything they can get their snouts on.  We raise a mix of different heritage breeds including Berkshire, Old Spots and Tamworth.

Pasture Roaming Eggs

Our egg layers are raised out on pasture and their coops are rotated weekly so they will always have access to fresh grass and bugs.  We raise a mix of breeds including Rhode Island Red, Araucauna, Black Austerloup & Cocomarin

Heritage Breed Roasting Chickens

Raised outside on grass our Freedom Ranger broiler chickens have full access to the grass & sun.